Isis Energy

Isis energy is a very pure, high vibrational energy from Divine Consciousness that cleanses balances and revitalises all the energy bodies of the client, allowing the life force/chi/prana to flow more freely.



During an Isis energy session the Client remains fully clothed and lies on a couch.  The Practitioner channels Isis energy through their hands which are gently placed on or over the Clients body in a sequence of movements, allowing the energy to work where it is needed, releasing stress and tension. 


The Client is able to relax and allow the energy to work for the highest good.  The energy travels through the meridians of the body, removing any blockages along the way.  It works holistically on many different levels, moving through the chakras; cleansing, balancing, realigning and energising.  During this process Clients may experience physical sensations such as tingling in the body or feeling hot or cold or may see colours or pictures etc.  Some Clients may be deeply relaxed and fall asleep.  Everyone is different and as such will have a different experience.


Alison began her training with the Isis School of Holistic Health 2009.  It is a 7 level programme and Alison has been initiated into level 7.  This training was enhanced by a 2 year Priestess of the Moon Programme through the same school and by several transformational ‘spiritual’ pilgrimages to Egypt.


You can choose from a general Isis Energy Session or a more specific Isis Crystal Chakra Balancing Session.


Each session with Alison lasts 30-45 minutes and costs £50.


This treatment is not available at the moment.



According to UK legislation Complimentary Therapies are not a substitute for mainstream medical treatment.