About Alison


After leaving school Alison qualified as a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife.  She lived in the Middle East for many years and on returning to the UK, spent many years working within the NHS and now resides in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.


In 2007 Alison began reading the Seth books channelled by Jane Roberts and experienced her first Past-life Regression in 2008 both of which spurred her on to learn more about the metaphysical side of life.   


Alison has attended many Workshops and has taken many courses for the development of her own ‘spiritual awakening’ including:- 


  • Shamanic training with Peggy Dylan and Stephen Mulhearn from Sundor, the International School for Transpersonal Education where she walked on hot coals and broken glass, participated in sweat lodge ceremonies, sacred pipe smoking ceremonies, vision quests etc. and successfully completed breath-work training.
  • participated several times in the ancient tradition of the Moondance with Eva Mack in Germany 
  • trekked in the mountains of Peru to Machu Pichu receiving  teachings and transmissions from indigenous shamans
  • travelled with Patricia Cori on pilgrimages to Egypt, Sacred England and swam with Dolphins in the Azzores 
  • trekked to the Serang Gompa Monastery high up in the Himalayas of Nepal to experience the daily rituals and pujas of the Buddist monks and nuns.
  • in Sedona studied the Merkabah with Drunvalo Melchisadeck 
  • attended many Healing Workshops with Shabdan The Keeper of the Keys 
  • initiated and trained to level 7 in the ancient tradition of Isis Healing  
  • attuned to Reiki at 1st and 2nd degree;
  • completed 2 years study in the ancient lineage of the  Priestess of the Moon
  • visited the Sacred Monasteries in Central Tibet with Baramasta Nepalese Shaman, receiving teachings and transmissions 
  • travelled on many sacred pilgrimages to Orkney, Kilmartin, Iona, Lewis, Glastonbury, France and Egypt
  • trained personally with Dolores Cannon in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) level 1 and 2
  • trained with the Advanced School of Kinesiology and gained a Certificate In Systematic Kinesiology from The Association Of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK)
  • explored consciouness with William Bulhman at The Monroe Institute in Virginia USA
  • Awarded the Certificate of Professional Membership qualified to practcie the techniques of Systematic Kinesiology as taught on the SAK Diploma Course of Kinesiology


Alison feels she is now able to consolidate her life skills with the knowledge she accumulated from all these teachings and the amazing experiences she acquired along the way, enabling her to offer a multi-facetted holistic approach to her Clients.