QHHT Client Feedback

Thank you so very much for thr Qhht session.  Amazing doesn't come close.

You have a very unique talent.

I can't wait to see what the future brings now.

Thanks again.

JS from Retford



Thank you so much for your patience and lovely approach with me on Tuesday, you are definitely gifted in the work that you do.

The QHHT session felt surreal and the days following, and I could believe how much better I felt physically and emotionally.

I have listened to the recording twice and I am surprised at how consistent my replies are. At the time I felt like I was making things up.

I hope to see you again Alison, and if I feel there’s any more work still to be done I will be in touch


God bless you and all that you do


KO Middlesbrough



I hope this finds you well! It has been a month since my QHHT session and I wanted to send you an update.


As you know, I was really spaced out after the session and a bit shocked by the information received. I did not know whether to really believe it or not, and I have a very open mind! Then the healing became very obvious. I am rid of that one thing that bothered me the most. I have waited a month to make sure it was not a passing thing but I am still free of this (and all the other ailments healed during the session) and I can’t begin to thank you and QHHT enough! The fact that this one impossible thing to be rid of is gone gave the rest of the information received some real credibility and this has been such a blessing. I have found real peace, no longer stress about doing this or that - I am letting life and my inner guidance lead me through the maze that is life on this earth. I also received many gifts, I can now do some things that I could not do before and had always wanted to be able to do - this has been a bonus that has brought true joy to my life. I am truly amazed at the deep healing I’ve had - I wish my local GP had these powers!


This is the medicine of the future and I will definitely be following up my desire to learn more about QHHT.


My warmest regards and thank you Alison for your kindness and sleuth abilities, very much appreciated.


Mary from Hull



Thanks for all the info, and for the amazing QHHT 'healing' session.  It was all a lot to take in and I felt quite exhausted for a couple of days, but at the same time a lot lighter.  I have listened to the recording and wonder actually how you did not laugh at some points!!  I did.  I have a lot of work to do now.  Thank you
for showing me the way.

SS from Ilkley


Thank you for today, I still feel blown away about it all.


SH from Rotherham


Thanks so much for everything Alison you’re a lovely and talented lady xx

MB from Doncaster


Hi Alison just like to say thank you so much for seeing me today. I found out so much about myself! And felt really relaxed and comfortable in your presence. Looking forward to listening back to the recording.


MM from Leeds


Thank you! Having listened to it again (the recording) a couple of times, some things are jumping out at me, and I've been getting more information. I think I'm definitely on to something now, and as I'm emailing you now the frequency in my ears is going crazy, so you were the right person to allow for a safe environment for things to come out. Thanks again for the QHHT session Alison, it has been extremely helpful!


HS from Guisborough


It was lovely to meet you. I had an amazing QHHT session, thank you for that. Thanks for the information about talking to my body; it's interesting and useful to know as I am never positive about my body. I will try being positive and talking to my body from now on. I will listen to the recording regularly and learn from it. 
Many thanks again.

KW from Leeds


Thank you doing the QHHT session you did with me. I have been wanting to communicate with you my experience of it. I’m not sure how well it comes down into words. I seem to have different levels of experience all within it. Part of me says that I didn’t feel that I was able to reach the place of consciousness that I expected. However another part of me is totally blown away. To have that connection with my higher? self is amazing. My life feels on different levels in the same way. Part of me feels emotionally broken, and another part feels that the death of my son has given me a path to a new world and to an emotional health that I have never experienced in this life. I can also see that this excellent emotional/mental health is the way forward with my physical health.   It is truly amazing the help I am being given to achieve joy, love, and forgiveness. I feel it all around me and I just see it all the time. Part of me feels full of fear and anxiety, and another that the fear is pointless and I can see that the only way forward is to know and listen to myself.  I feel propelled forward to a new life and that I am creating it as I live it. The trick is to know oneself well enough see that I am creating my world, to understand what it is I want because that is the creation.

With many thanks.

BW from York


My life has slightly changed since the session, i recognise the voice in my head as the sub-conscience now, it was always there i just couldn't distinguish it!! It is me and i am it!! And my meditations have changed, i can enter the deep place easier. Thank you for the other information too
And i will recommend you to others because you really made me feel calm and welcoming


Dale from Huddersfield


Thank you so very much for providing a beautiful nurturing and tranquil space for me to explore at deeper levels. I really enjoyed my time with you.Today i have downloaded the recording and look forward to re visiting our time together on a sunny day in May.


Janet from York


Just wanted to say thank you. I am so glad I found you :)

I hope you keep doing what you are doing because you have helped myself and my family massively already.


TD from Leeds


Thank you i am very well after the QHHT session .. everything getting better .. its like a magic hand touch to my life. thanks again, i download to my PC and phone . thanks for everything.


ST from Leeds


"I just wanted to thank you for facilitating my healing session on Tues. I have noticed a huge increase in positivity and energy in my body which is increasing daily. I have not felt this positive about life in years! I really feel I am changing my life for the better and I will be able to help those around me, something I have wanted to do for a long time but not had the energy or motivation to do so.
I have also noticed my back pain and other health complaints are improving and I am not treating it like "the enemy" anymore but I am asking my body to heal me and also thanking my body for all the wonderful things it enables me to do. This therapy has given me a new outlook on life and opened up a world of opportunity for me.

I wish you all the best for the future."

SB from Scarborough


It was a real pleasure to meet you and have the experience of QHHT.
and I must say since I have been to see you I have felt so much more positive about life and more connected to myself. I have continued to listen to my higher self and have become really interested in enhancing my spiritual awakening further and I have discovered self knowledge groups and courses that were on my doorstep and it is transforming my life and my relationships for the better. I am so excited for the future!


Although it is early days I have already found my own experience of QHHT  to be VERY beneficial. I left slightly unsure whether i had received enough knowledge or help with my  problems. I am happy to tell you lots and lots of things came flooding to me later in the day and this has continued right up to the present
I feel it is important to mention that i gained more answers and extra healing / energy upon listening back to the recording.


Phil from Scarborough


Thanks for the session on Sunday. I really enjoyed it and will definitely be repeating the experience

Just to let you know, my shoulder is absolutely fine now, considering a Doctor friend of mine said that I should have been out of action for 6 weeks with a rotator-cuff injury.


Paul from Selby